Therapy for adults and adolescents.

Psychologist specialising in Clinical Psychology.

Therapy is a path to wellbeing. We are sometimes faced with situations or problems that upset our emotional balance, causing us to feel distressed, experience an existential crisis or even suffer physical symptoms. During the therapeutic process, we try to understand the origin and the causes of the emotional unrest, and we work together to bring about the changes needed to restore a healthy state of mind. At the same time, the patient develops the skills needed to become a stronger, more self-sufficient person. This process takes place within a relationship where empathy and confidentiality are always a priority.

I also do psychotherapy in English.

How can I help you?

  • Ansietat i estrès
  • Dol
  • Separació
  • Altres pèrdues
  • Depressió
  • Fobies
  • autoestima
  • Dificultat d'adaptació
  • Pors
  • Problemes de caràcter
  • Traumes
  • Teràpia EMDR

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Sóc psicòloga clínica amb més de 20 anys d’experiència. 

El meu enfocament és integrador. 

Estic registrada al Col·legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya.

Núm. col·legiada 7954

Therapy is a path to wellbeing.

Other services



If you want to know yourself better, or diagnose what’s happening to you, a psychological study is very useful. It is carried out by taking a set of standardised test. At the end, a report is given which contains a detailed analysis of the results.



If you are not feeling able to carry out the session in Catalan or Spanish, we can speak in English as I am a fluent English speaker. It’s essential during therapy that you can fully express everything that you need to say.



Whenever possible, face-to-face therapeutic sessions are preferable, but if circumstances make that impossible, online therapy using Skype is a good alternative.

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